You Can Help

Your tax-deductible donation allows citizen oceanographers to work their magic.


Few things compare to knowing you’ve made a difference. This is your chance to make it happen. Your donation will go towards building the Happy Ocean Index. You’re about to become a part of something really special.


One Time Giving


All of our work is made possible by generous donations from you! We are a small, fast moving organization and even a small donation will go directly to where it counts the most.


Even a small amount can put a plankton collection kits in the hands of a citizen sailor or sequence samples. Your generosity directly benefits our oceans.


Get Involved


Feeling adventurous? If you are planning an open ocean cruise sometime soon, join the growing movement of citizens who are taking the health of the oceans into their own hands.


Participation is easy and free, you just have to be up for collecting some plankton!


Champion a Project


In addition to The Indigo Project, occasionally we run specific micro-projects that are focused in a particular area, working to resolve location-specific issues.


Keep in touch to find out about future projects and how you can get involved.