Join the Indigo V Expedition as we sail and sample waters from Cape Town to Mauritius.  See what life is like on board as we deal with rough weather, sample, sail and see some whales.


Watch Profs. Cullen and Grzymski as they collect that elusive sample.


We encountered a huge pod of dolphins just outside of the Maldives.  Watch as they play on the bow!



This is a fantastic video that shows the movement of dominant phytoplankton types during 1994-1998 as they circulate around the planet on ocean currents.  Source: The Darwin Project


Why are we out there looking at the invisible?  At the base of the trophic chain, microbes are the key to the generation and recycling of nutrients.  They break down organic matter which forms the base of the food chain from the smallest creatures up to the largest.  Without healthy functioning microbial communities, we would not have air to breathe, fish to eat or oil to burn.


Why do the oceans matter?  National Geographic helps explain why!  Source: National Geographic

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    "When we heal the earth, we heal ourselves."

    — David Orr
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