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  • Sequencing Goes to Sea

    By Rachelle Jensen June 5th, 2016 0 Comments Categories : latest_news
    Minion Fede

    We’re excited to announce our partnership with the clever folks over at Oxford Nanopore Technologies, who are rolling out the world’s first ever pocket sized DNA sequencer. This will usher in a new chapter in the world of real time data analysis. It will also change the face of field work as we’re all used to it: cumbersome sample preservation, tedious sample shipping and long wait times to a final result.

    During our Indian Ocean Expedition, and coupled with the MinION, we will be able to produce the first ever real time microbiome analysis across the entire Indian Ocean. In short, we will be able to tell if the building blocks to ocean health and the food web is healthy or not. The only limiting factor now? No internet to share our results!

    By democratizing sequencing, scientists and researchers are no longer limited to huge expensive equipment to run their experiments or field samples. MinION has already been sent to rainforests, Guinea and is set to take a flight on the International Space Station. Now, its off to the open ocean.

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