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  • Rachelle Talks Ocean Health in Manhattan & the UK

    By Rachelle Jensen February 9th, 2017 0 Comments Categories : latest_news
    Rachelle speaking at Oxford Nanopore

    Rachelle was the invited evening speaker at the Oxford Nanopore Community Meeting the Manhattan Pavilion. As this is a meeting of some very brilliant scientists, she was tasked with the job of lightening the mood during drinks hour and right before dinner. She presented the real heart of our program by talking about the beauty of our oceans and the animals that live in it. She presented an famous inspirational image by National Geographic Explorer Brian Skerry of a Southern Right Whale meeting a Scuba diver eye-for-eye.

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    She then gave the same talk at Oxford Nanopore HQ in Oxford, UK, a few weeks later. She couldn’t help but add in a short 30 second clip of a near knockdown she and captain Federico struggled with last year on their UNESCO sponsored Indian Ocean Expedition passage from Chagos Archipelago to La Reunion. No matter what you’re talking about, there’s always room for a little excitement!


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