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Indigo V Expeditions Pioneers Cost Effective Ocean Health Monitoring



Sept ’14. Pioneering work by a collaboration of leading scientists from twelve international universities published in the open access journal PLOS Biology, detailing their concept of citizen oceanography will help dramatically advance global ocean health and will aid in gaining a better understanding of the world’s most valuable resource.

Over six months, the scientists sailed S/Y Indigo V 6,500 nautical miles across the Indian Ocean, from Cape Town to Singapore. During the concept cruise they established a baseline of data from the Indian Ocean and developed instrumentation that will lead to significant advances in the field of oceanography.

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Extreme Oceanography: Indigo V Expeditions Partners with Vendee Globe Energy Challenge to Take Snapshot of Southern Ocean Health



Apr ’15. Alongside offshore skipper Phil Sharp’s bid to be the first Zero Emissions vessel to complete the race the race yacht will also be equipped with state-of-the-art oceanographic equipment sponsored by Indigo V.

By showcasing the latest innovations in renewable energy technology, he will demonstrate that that performance need not be compromised when seeking sustainability and that even racing yachts can make a valuable contribution to oceanography.

Indigo V Expeditions will be equipping the racing yacht with their proprietary sustainably powered auto-sampling device that takes daily measurements of the ocean eco-system. Environmental metadata, including temperature, salinity and dissolved oxygen will be displayed in real-time via satellite uplinks on a website portal with geospatial information.

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