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  • Rachelle Speaks at The White House

    By Rachelle Jensen June 3rd, 2016 0 Comments Categories : latest_news
    Rachelle Jensen giving a speech at the White House

    Lowly bacteria finally gets the recognition they deserve! Just last month, The White House Office of Science and Technology unveiled The National Microbiome Initiative, which aims to further advance microbiome science in all its varied forms.

    Since 2012-2014 over $922 million was invested into microbiome science, with another $121 million earmarked for 2016-2017, with an additional $400 million from outside stakeholders. We contributed to the Fact Sheet, committing ourselves to expanding our focus to viromes and how plastic is affecting the microscopic makeup of our oceans.

    Rachelle Jensen gave a talk at the three hour event, illustrating the power of putting science into the hands of everyday citizens. Other presenters and panelists included Congresswoman Slaughter, Dr Craig Venter, directors of the NIH, DOE, NSF, US Dept of Agriculture and President Obama’s Scientific right hand man Dr John Holdren.

    Microbiome research is very much in its infancy, but we’re finally beginning to understand the positive role microbes play in human health, ecosystem health, bio remediation and even cancer treatment. We’re excited to see so much forward movement in this field and we’re even more excited that our fellow sailors are a part of it! Watch Rachelle’s speech below:


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