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  • Celebrated Explorer Mike Horn Joins The Indigo Project

    By Rachelle Jensen April 12th, 2017 0 Comments Categories : latest_news


    2 years, 24,000 miles, and 6 continents. Legendary explorer Mike Horn set out on his boldest feat yet: walk, sail and drive from one pole to the other. Along the way, he’ll be collecting seawater samples for The Indigo Project from some of the most understudied parts of the world. Mike is lending a hand in our mission to better track ocean health. During this daring expedition, Mike will attempt to become the first person to journey over the globe from Pole to Pole.

    Mike set out on his Pole 2 Pole expedition earlier this year from Monaco. His journey took him down to South Africa where he set out on his sail down to Antarctica. We caught up with Mike for his sail from Antarctica to Sydney, Australia, where he collected samples from the Ross Sea in the Southern Ocean, a hugely productive sea, but a veritable black box as far as our knowledge of the marine microbiome is concerned.

    Continuing on from there, Mike will continue his sampling transect in Australia, collecting vital data from The Tasman Sea, just east of Tasmania, including the East Australia Current and then onto to New Zealand.

    You can follow his progress here!

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